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Wings Over Water Festival

WOW Festival 2012 - Stormwater PresentationWings Over Water Festival (WOW) was created by Lehigh Acres Municipal Services Improvement District (LA-MSID) to  help the public discover the beauty of southwest Florida’s water, land and wildlife.

The Eighth Annual WOW Festival will help celebrate southwest Florida’s natural resources and includes an array of programs on local waterways and wildlife on Saturday, January 20, 2018.

About Harns Marsh:

Harns Marsh, Lehigh Acres, FLHarns Marsh is located in the eastern portion of Lee County located off of Sunshine Blvd. in Lehigh Acres. In the early 1980’s, LA-MSID transformed the 578-acre farmland into an active stormwater facility helping to filter water and reduce flooding to the Orange River. The water control structures have helped create a lush habitat for snail kites, limpkin and more than 140 species of animals.

“The abundance of wildlife at Harns Marsh creates an exciting opportunity for individuals to explore the beauty of southwest Florida,” said David E. Lindsay, LA-MSID District Manager. “It is important for visitors and residents to understand the vital role water quality and conservation plays in keeping our community and environment safe.”

About LA-MSID:

Harns Marsh weir East County Water Control District (ECWCD) was created in 1958 to manage drainage within its boundaries.  The District has since evolved to preserve and protect water reserves through drainage, conservation, mitigation, navigational and water best management practices in 70,000 acres of land in both Lehigh Acres and the western portion of Hendry County. LA-MSID currently maintains 311 miles of canals, 20 lakes, 360 culvert crossings, 22 bridges and 66 water control structures. LA-MSID maintains 1298 preserve acres as well as 578 acres of Harns Marsh—a major retention/detention area.

It is the District’s mission to preserve and protect the water resources within its boundaries and ensure that flood waters flow.

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